Oakham School

          Bourdon                  16
          Principal                  8
          Chimney Flute          8
          Octave                      4
          Flute                          4
          Fifteenth                    2
          Cornet  (tenor f)      III
          Mixture                  IV
          Trumpet                    8

          Gedact                          8
          Flute                            4
          Nazard                    2 2/3
          Principal                      2
          Tierce                    1 3/5
          Quint                      1 1/3
          Vox Humana                8

          Open Flute                  8
          Gamba                          8
          Celeste (tenor c)        8
          Prestant                      4
          Gemshorn                    2
          Mixture                      IV
          Cremona                    16
          Schalmey                    8
          Clairon                        4

          Principal                    16
          Subbass                      16
          Open Flute                    8
          Trombone                  16
          Octave  (Great)            8
          Octave  (Great)            4
          Trumpet  (Great)          8

          Gt/Pted Sw/Ped Ch/Ped

    The Great Organ and upper Pedal stops are placed at soffit level with the Swell high above.  The four main Petal stops, all wood, are behind the Great.  The Choir/Echo division is behind the four Gospel writers above the console.
    Stop action is electromagnetic, with a state of the art memory system giving eight levels for divisional pistons and thirty two for the generals, with a sequencer that steps through the generals. All memories can also be written to and read from removable cards.
    The organ specification was conceived for the entire 500 year repertoire of organ music: rich liquid French 18th century cornets, astringent North German Brustwerk, relaxing and mysterious strings, flutes bubbling with colouds, and and organo pleno it is hoped Bach would

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