Flosta Kirke, Aust Agder
South Norway

          Principal              8
  +      Chimney Flute      8
  +      Principal              4
  +      Wald Flute            4
  +      Mixture              IV
  +      Cremona              8


          Gedact                  8
          Principal              4
          Chimney Flute      4
          Octave                  2
          Quint                    1
          Sesquialtera        II


          Subbass              16
  *      Octave                  8
  *      Gedact                  8
  +      Nachthorn            4
  *      Cremona                8

*  transmission from Great

    Aust Agder in the south east of Norway is a delightful area made up of many rocky inlets from the sea and numerous islands.  The `Kommune' of Flosta have a beautiful wooden church built in 1748.  In the last few years the church has been restored to its original condition, so that now upon entry everyone feels transported to another age.  The smell, paintings, old woodwork and carving help us to appreciate the generosity and labours of past generations.  The new organ constructed in 1991 harmonises perfectly with its old surroundings both visually and aurally.  Peter Collins Ltd was honoured and privileged to build an instrument for this Norwegian Nation Monument.

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