Fitzwilliam College

          Open Diapason        8
          Stopped Diapason    8
        Principal                    4
          Fifteenth                    2
          Cornet                      II
          Mixture                    III


          Gedact                      8
          Open Flute                4
          Fifteenth                    2
          Larigot                1 1/3
          Cremona                    8


          Subbass                  16
          Principal                    8
                  (by transmission)

    The beautiful new Chapel designed by the Architects MacCormac, Jamieson, Prichard for Fitzwilliam College allowed the Organ Builders the rare opportunity to work in a well designed modern building.  The Chapel utilises dressed concrete, black steel, and glass for its main elements, with a floor of solid American Oak suspended between the exterior walls.  The organ case of American Oak was designed in a consultation partnership of Dorian Wisniewski, Architect, Dr N Thistlethwaite, Organ Consultant, and Peter Collins, and engages rhythmically with the pitch of wall panels and glazing bars.  The symbolic doubling of elements in the building has its counterpart in the two major materials used in the

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