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    It is a pleasure to display some of the work of  the brilliant English organ builder Peter Collins, who has gained a just fame as a builder of classical English organs, bringing to life all the best of the early English organ school in many of  his works, and as one of the most innovative of builders.

  The company was founded in 1964.  He had served a traditional apprenticeship with a firm established in the 18th century, working with old and new organs.  Employment with a leading continental organ builder gave further experi

    Early success compelled purchase of larger premises in 1970.  Continued heavy demand led to the purchase of even larger, purpose designed premises at Melton Mowbray in 1989

  Organs have varied from 1 to 55 stops, many being remarkably compact.  CAD has further sharpened design processes and given rise to many cost saving ideas.

    Continued success is enjoyed, and organs have been exported overall to eight countries, including Australia, France, Germany, Norway, Korea, and the USA.

A range of standard but flexible organs is available as well as custom designed  instruments.

    Peter Collins is often invited to lecture and write on all aspects of organ design., in addition to consultancy.

Magdalenenkirche Bayreuth | Fitzwilliam College Chapel
Flosta Kirke Norway
| Greyfriars Church Edinburgh | Oakham School
St Albans Festival
| St Oswald's Durham

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