Mirzoyev's Accomplishment

A Marriage of Oriental and Occidental

    Mirzoyev has accomplished something new with his Organ Symphony, which should be recognised as such and not  judged by occidental expectations of what an organ symphony should be. He has clothed the oriental muscial art form of a modal melody repeated in many subtle variations in the same modal key with occidental organ texture and idiom, hinting much at Bach, and even borrowing from the Master.  In its climaxes a sound is produced that is impossible in oriental music.  The separate movements have their own distinctive character, yet by their oriental influence retain far more of the recurrent theme than an occidental organ symphony ever would.

    Alexander Fiseisky's quite brilliant interpretation of this work displays all its aspects of gentleness, sweetness, brightness, langour, energy, pathos, solemnity and majesty, giving superb voice to Mirzoyev's new concept of marrying the oriental `high mugam' with the occidental organ idiom.  His UK première of the symphony in Westminster Abbey was greeted as masterly and thrilling.

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